A church in the middle of the Gran Sasso mountains, Abruzzo

Out of Italy


Out of Italy


discover the unexpected

Rome the Eternal City, Florence with its museums, palaces and masterpieces or Naples with its delicious pizza and the astonishing Amalfi Coast. These are just a few locations that come up to our mind when we think at Italy.


But the Italian heritage is much more! There’s a multitude of hidden gems spread around the peninsula that are still pristine, far from mass tourism: the “borgo” of Pitigliano in Tuscany, known as the little Jerusalem; the enchanting “trulli” of Alberobello in Apulia or even the astonishing Nuraghe Towers in Sardinia.


You will experience with us: unexpected villages, ancient traditions and precious know-how that will surprise you.

View of Pitigliano, Tuscany
Streets of Rasiglia, Umbria

REVEAL unearthed beauties

Hidden treasures that are less known and are waiting for you to be revealed.


A mosaic of art, history, traditions, food and landscapes. Italy, from the North to the South, is a country made up of thousands of small centers that still preserve great historical buildings, wild forests, challenging paths, astonishing views and a precious know-how that only a few travelers have really experienced.


We make you discover remote beauties: the ancient sheep-tracks in Abruzzo; the Lame Rosse track, known as the Grand Canyon of the Marche or Calabria and the wild Aspromonte National Park with its Greek culture.


Every Italian region has its own characteristics that can’t be explained but needs to be visited and experienced.

Streets of Rasiglia, Umbria

experience unusual itineraries

Our itineraries have been carefully designed to show you a less travelled Italy, nevertheless as fascinating and rich in culture as the best known Italian icons. We mixed the most well-known cities of Italy with rural areas, unspoilt nature, breathtaking landscapes, local life-style and traditions to make you live a memorable journey.


You will experience Tuscany and its hidden corners of Maremma with natural unique habitat and the Etruscan archaeological sites; discover Sicily and its delicious Modica chocolate or visit Umbria with its so called “Borghi”, the best traditional villages: true Italian secrets.


You can join a scheduled departure or select a tailor made trip led by  knowledgeable local guides and English-, Spanish-, Italian-speaking tour leaders.


Let us take you out of the beaten track and discover the “other Italy”.

View of Trasimeno Lake, Umbira


Truffle hunting

Walk through the Langhe hills and help a truffle hunter and his dog to find this precious and unique mushroom.

Local encounters: the Rumita

Discover peculiar traditions of the Satriano Carnival, while attending a class about the construction of an ancient carnival mask, the Rumita (hermit). A tree-man symbol of an ecologist message promoted by the youth of this Borgo.

Wine tasting in Marsala

Marsala’s fame is tied to the fine liquorish wine by the same name. Discover one of the most famous wineries and taste some of the best wines.

Out of Italy

Itineraries Available

Our story telling made with passion and love for a country that need to be experienced more.

Born in Africa, it’s time for us to expand and come back to our root to show you and reveal you all its secret wonders. As for the Danish author Karen Blixen in Out of Africa, we found our own way to lead you through the unknown Italy and make you discover the unexpected.

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