Our selection of experiences for you

pasta cooking class

Cooking Class of fresh Pasta

Learn the secret of this ancient Culinary Art, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and try your hand at making pasta.

You can deepen your knowledge of this intangible heritage and leave with us for Apulia, the wonders of Daunia and Gargano.

horse riding

Horse Riding across MAB Reserve of Montedimezzo

The pleasure of riding surrounded by nature along paths, ancient customs and transhumance routes far from civilization.

Experience the physiological benefits of equestrian excursions within our itinerary to Abruzzo and Molise, an ancient story telling along the Tratturo.

Rumita spontaneo

Local encounters: the Rumita (hermit)

Discover the peculiar traditions of the Satriano Carnival, while attending a class about the construction of an ancient carnival mask, the Rumita (hermit). A tree-man symbol of an ecologist message promoted by the youth of this Borgo.

Become a tree-man/ tree-woman within our itinerary to Basilicata, the secret garden of Italy.

wine cellar

Wine tasting in Marsala

Marsala’s fame is tied to the fine liquorish wine by the same name. Discover one of the most famous wineries and taste some of the best wines.

Immerse yourself among the Sicilian flavors within our itinerary to Western Sicily, A patchwork of knowledge, flavors and enchanting views.

chocolate labortory

Visit to a chocolate laboratory

Taste the famous chocolate of Modica and learn the secrets of this ancient Aztec traditions of manufacture, imported by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Discover "the food of the gods" within our itinerary to Eastern Sicily, a volcanic patterns of stories and archeology.

Prosecco hills

Guided tour to the Prosecco hills

Food and wine is expressed at its best in the world-famous culinary culture of Prosecco. Let yourself be enchanted by the history, the art, the gastronomy and the harmony of this wine yards landscape.

Get to know the Prosecco hills within our itinerary to Veneto and Friuli, sounds of voices and cultures.

mud theraphy

Mud therapy and thermal bath

Thermal mud is a combination of clay, thermal water and micro-organisms. Enjoy this therapy and be ready to regenerate.

Discover the benefits of these natural treatments within our itinerary to Abruzzo and Molise, an ancient story telling along the Tratturo.

Piedmont (3)

Truffle hunting

Walk through the Langhe hills and help a truffle hunter and his dog to find this precious and unique mushroom.

Become a real truffle hunter within our itinerary to Piedmont, a tale of history and tastes.


Meet the Mamuthones and Issohadores

Discover the traditions of Mamuthones and Issohadores, the best known carnival masks of all Sardinia Island.

Enjoy the carnival of Mamoiada and visit the museum during our trip to North Sardinia, acting with Mamuthones in the land of Nuraghe.

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