Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Private tours and local encounters

Murales in Orgosolo, Sardinia

We have chosen to travel in small groups to live an authentic experience.


Our journeys require a spirit of adventure and curiosity towards different realities, to be respected and appreciated for their uniqueness. 


During our trips we want to establish a relationship with locals, positive group feeling, be sustainable and responsible, optimise visiting and travel times and choose cosy typical accommodation for the overnights.


A different way of travelling to better capture moments of ordinary everyday life.

Explore deeply and travel in safety

View of the volcano Etna, Sicily

The constant thread of our trips is the itinerary: carefully planned and designed.


It always has a cultural content in a broad sense, able to reveal unexpected aspects and let you discover the unusual in order to establish direct contact with communities still little known and far from mass tourism.


Our trips have been created according to the current safety/health law in order to guarantee social distance between the passengers.


Health and safety come always first, especially due to the present situation, we would like our travellers to enjoy an experience in complete peace of mind.

Responsible tourism

Flamingos in the salt pans of Margherita di Savoia, Apulia

We are committed to protect the environment, its resources and its local communities.


To do so we have adopted a few rules of behavior dictated mainly by common sense and good manners: we would like only to leave our footprints and take away great memories and photographs.


We have inherited from past generations a world rich in heritage and biodiversity: a gift of inestimable value that we have to protect and preserve for us and future generations.

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