Immerse yourself in Italy’s rich cultural heritage, exploring its diverse tapestry in different regions on our engaging cultural tours.

Campania – Costiera and Cilento: two souls, one region

8 days 7 nights
Availability : From March to October

There are few places in the world that can be considered as evocative as Naples and the Amalfi Coast. And even fewer are the places that can boast breathtaking natural scenery, a lively and vibrant city, a majestic volcano and archaeological traces as poignant and fascinating as those of Pompeii in such a small space. But this phenomenal concentration of beauty does not end here.

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Piedmont vineyards landscape

Piedmont – A tale of history and tastes

8 days 7 nights
Availability : From February to December

One of the beating heart of Italy’s economic rebirth, the region where the process of national unification began, the custodian of a rich, thousand-year-old history and unforgettable flavours. It seems almost impossible that all this can be found in a single region, but there could be no more appropriate definition to describe Piedmont.

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Sardinia – Short break “in the heart of nothing”

4 days 3 nights
Availability : All year

Sa Rutta is a place away from rush and noise, a world where everything slows down. Here you we have the opportunity to live in an Eco-camp that represents a perfect synergy between environmental conservation, reconnection with wild nature, experiential activities and the most innovative solutions dedicated to tourist hospitality.

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Puglia, sea and village

Apulia – A short break in Masseria

3 days 2 nights
Availability : From July to November

3-days for an immersive experience among chic and traditional Apulian Masserie and their surroundings. This land is rich in traditions, fragrances and ancient testimonies that are just waiting to be discovered by those who know how to go beyond its best-known wonders.

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